Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask multiple questions in one survey?

PINGO’s concept is to include a question in a classroom event in such a way that the lecturer always asks a question and then decides how to progress with the lecture by taking up the answers and discussing them. The idea therefore is that individual questions are asked instead of complex surveys.

What is a session?

A session in PINGO represents a series of lectures, conferences, etc. One should not create a new session for each new event. Instead, a session should be used over a longer period (e.g. a semester).

How do I start surveys from a mobile device?

To use the lecturer’s view on a mobile device, open the following link on your device once:

After visiting the link, the change to the settings is saved as a cookie. Now, you can visit PINGO as usual via PINGO’s menu can now be opened by using the button in the top right corner.

Is it possible to switch the language of a session for an international audience?

Yes, you can set English or German as the locale for a specific session. To do that, you have to click “Edit” in your session overview. You should now see a form where you can edit your session’s name, description and – of course – the locale. After setting a locale for your session, the user interface should now use only English or German terms depending on what you have set previously and disregarding your browser’s locale.

How can I collaboratively use (share) questions or sessions with my colleagues?

If you want to share your questions or sessions with a colleague, you first have to click “Edit” in your Session overview or in the question catalogue right next to the item you want to change. On the right hand side, you should now see an input field where you have to enter your colleague’s email address and then hit “share”. Note that your colleague needs a PINGO with that email address account, too. After that, press “OK” and your colleague should now see the session in his overview, filed under “Sessions shared with you”.

Can I test PINGO without a user account?

Yes, we have prepared a demo user for that purpose:

Password: demouser

Please note that this user is for testing purposes only and is accessible by everyone. It should therefore not be used for your own (confidential) surveys. You can easily create your own free account here: